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Klokwise is a creative studio founded in 2016 by Can Köroğlu.

Klokwise is formed around a quarterly publication, Klok Magazine,  featuring over 150 artists, designers and writers, throughout 8 consecutive issues.

With the strong independent community of artists and designers gathering around our magazine, we work across publishing, branding, creative direction and digital media while collaborating with a wide range of clients, from well established brands to fresh and promising start-ups. 


Klok Magazine Issue #1-#8 (2012-2016)
Nike Run Istanbul (2014)
Mini Book of Chill Out (2015)
Nike Women 5K (2016)


In September 2016, Klokwise has partnered with Codfabrik to design and produce Jux, a mobile app to create moodboards on the go. 

Talks & Exhibitions

Soho House Istanbul, January 2016
Ceren Çetinoğlu and Can Köroğlu discussed the future of independent studios.
Contemporary Istanbul, September 2014
We exhibited our 7th issue and the newspaper we designed for Nike Run Istanbul


Sound of Black at Crimea Church, featuring Görkem Şen with his invention, "Yaybahar" and Benjha from Other People, September 2014 / Polka Dots at Suma Beach, July 2014 / Spring Parade, with UFFE, May 2014 / Issue #4 Launch, December 2013

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